Transportation Research Board Core Program

Ongoing support to the core research activities of the Transportation Research Board (TRB)--a source of independent expertise that develops and disseminates innovative research information addressing transit concerns, and provides professional services and materials to assist FTA in carrying out and fulfilling its mission and legislative obligations. The Transportation Research Board (TRB) carries out many activities that benefit public transportation including the programs of FTA, the transit industry, the highway and transportation departments of the 50 states, and other organizations and individuals through out the world. TRB core research activities are designed to generate information, share ideas, and transfer knowledge about FTA Research and Technology Programs with partners in the transit industry and the general public. This project provides support for the following activities: (1) TRB Annual Meeting, including establishment of FTA-sponsored panels, and technical sessions endorsing FTA priorities; (2) Transit Research Advisory Committee, provides an independent review and assessment of future research and technology needs of the transit industry, and makes recommendations regarding the federal role in transit research; and (3) Transit Research Information Service (TRIS) online database of published research [], and the Research in Progress (RIP) database of unpublished research [] made available to the transportation community-at-large.