West African Sub-Regional Workshop on Transportation Infrastructure and Services Development

The objective of this project is to promote United States best practices in urban transit to African countries. At the request of the Government of Ghana, the FTA led a team of ten members to Accra, Ghana for a conference on Transportation Infrastructure and Services Development. The conference was sponsored by the FTA and the National Transit Institute (NTI) in collaboration with the Ghana Ministry of Roads and Transport (MRT). This was the second in a series of technical workshops implemented by the FTA's International Mass Transportation Program (IMTP), and was modeled after the 2001 Bangkok International Workshop on design-build project delivery. The West African conference drew over 92 participants from Ghana and other countries including, Togo, The United Kingdom, The United States, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. In Ghana, transit is dominated by small, loosely-regulated paratransit vehicles or minibus taxis called tro-tros. Increasing motor vehicle traffic and congestion, declining levels of services, along with crime and other factors are contributing to an unfavorable transit service environment in Africa's largest cities, including Accra.