New Starts Annual Report - Technical Support

The objective of this project is to support development of the Annual Report on New Starts. This project supports the Office of Planning effort to develop the Annual Report on New Starts to the U.S. Congress. The Report to Congress provides the U.S. Department of Transportation's recommendations for allocation of funds to be made available under 49 U.S.C. 5309 (o) (1) for the construction of new fixed guideway systems and/or extensions to existing fixed guideway systems (new starts or major capital investments) for the fiscal year 2002. Under this project, the contractor will continue to perform data entry and quality control for the New Starts database, provide electronic and paper copies of maps of individual New Starts projects digitized in a Transcad compatible GIS system, as well as all project maps, and prepare the New Starts report in a format suitable for electronic publishing on the FTA Internet Home Page.