New Starts Roundtable Support Services

The objective of this project is to support the planning, managing, and hosting of the FY 2002 New Starts Roundtable series. This project provided for professional services to support the planning and hosting of the fiscal year 2002 New Starts Roundtable series. Support services included management of logistics, development of New Starts Roundtable resources, and drafting of New Starts Roundtable proceedings. For the past two years, the New Starts Roundtable meetings have proven to be a successful forum for the sharing of information between FTA and grantees. Each meeting has attracted approximately 50-80 transit professionals. The Office of Planning conducts the New Starts Roundtable series to facilitate communication, discussion, and information sharing among the various parties involved in the FTA New Starts Program. This Roundtable activity enables FTA to clarify and discuss the major issues faced by local transit agencies seeking to qualify for Section 5309 capital funding under the New Starts project development process. At the same time, the Roundtable provided a forum for local agencies to discuss their concerns and to share lessons learned and other information with members.