Planning Oversight Compliance in Metropolictan Areas

The objective of this project is to obtain contractor support in assessing compliance with metropolitan planning requirements and in addressing noted deficiencies. The project will develop and present case studies and guidance materials to assist Transportation Management Areas (TMAs) and non-TMAs in meeting federal planning requirements. Focus Areas to be considered include financial planning and analysis, public involvement, and the integration of transportation and land use planning at the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) level. In non-TMAs, the project will produce a series of proposals for a strategy to monitor and assess planning performance in a constructive, non-intrusive way, consistent with present regulatory provisions. Using information collected, the contractor will analyze and document the extent to which federal requirements in the Focus Areas are being satisfied. This analysis includes an explicit statement of what those requirements are and how well they are met by TMAs in terms of their multimodal planning responsibilities. A summary report of planning performance in non-TMAs will be provided, along with recommendations for future performance reviews. The research includes recommendations on how to improve