Remote Controlled Weigh Stations

The objective of this project is to develop a new model of an automated weigh station for commercial vehicles that can operate attended or unattended at any time during the day as required. The new weigh station would perform the following functions: weight and dimension measurement; vehicle classification; compliance verification on weight and dimension; safety checks of signals (brake lights, turn signals, headlights); detection of overheated brakes; and vehicle data collection. The research involves: creating a conceptual model for a remote-controlled weigh station; identifying users and stakeholders; soliciting user inputs on the functional requirements, must-have features, and desirable features; evaluating the technical feasibility and economic viability; assessing the interoperability with other ITS elements in the transportation system; describing the preliminary system design; and preparing a summary of follow-on activities that would lead to prototype development. The system is expected to be designed with a weigh in motion (WIM system), video camera monitoring system, infrared heat sensors, lane/traffic control system, wireless and Web-based communications systems, LED or fibre optic signage, a communications kiosk and a static scale.