TransLink is an outgrowth of the various programs at the Texas Transportation Institute, including the FHWA ITS Research Center of Excellence. TransLink focuses on linking the various elements of the transportation system together to form a single, integrated, cooperative transportation management system. TransLink takes a systems approach to surface transportation management. TransLink includes a computer traffic laboratory to support office-based research, and a Roadside Equipment laboratory which uses field hardware. TransLink projects have included: (1) Roadside Equipment Laboratory Houston Emergency Services Workshop; (2) Using PDAs for Traffic Surveillance Data Collection; (3) Wireless ITS and Wireless Application Protocols; (4) Using Personal Digital Assistants for TSP Data Collection; (5) Train Detection and modifying pedestrian and traffic signals, applications now being used in College Station and Houston; and (6) Hardware-in-the-Loop for using simulation models with traffic control equipment, applications in use in many areas.