Florida Atlantic University Consortium for Intermodal Transportation Safety and Security

This project supports the effort of the State University System of Florida to establish a Center for Intermodal Transportation Safety and Security (Center) to address the potential threat of terrorism affecting the safety and general economic welfare of Florida's population and its transportation based infrastructure. Its primary mission is to support initiatives by the state to protect and encourage the economic vitality of Florida by preventing both terrorism and transportation gridlock. A real - time simulation system for creating computer-based digital visualizations of seaports and airports will be established for planning, engineering, and management related activities. Detail and accurate 4-D virtual database of these facilities and their associated transportation infrastructure will be created to permit visual flyovers, walkthroughs, and observation of all access points, that address safety and security related to prevention, response, recovery and reconstruction. The Center brings together the competencies of four universities--Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida International University Miami, University of Central Florida Orlando, and the University of South Florida Tampa--in the areas of transportation and urban planning, architecture, engineering, computer and information science and technology, criminology, and public administration.