Development of Dynamic Traffic Management System

The dissertation study is aimed at establishing a new framework for dynamic traffic control using vehicular ad hoc networks. Real time traffic information will be collected from all the vehicles involved to generate suitable control strategies to make the road safer and less congested. In this research, fCA, a cellular automata (CA) model with finer time-space resolution is proposed and coded as a simulation tool. Algorithms will be developed to make the lane changing maneuver more realistic. Then, this fCA model will be calibrated and validated using field data from NGSIM. After that, control strategies including Variable Speed Limits (VSL) and suggestion for lane changing will be studied and corresponding algorithms will be developed. They will be implemented in the simulation for evaluation. The research will also evaluate the impact of the proportion of drivers who do not follow the control strategies. Simulation based on fCA model will be used to generate results for the evaluation. This dynamic traffic management system is expected to make the traffic flow more stable and smooth and lead to higher flow capacities especially for the places where insufficient capacity deteriorates the level of service, i.e., ramps, work zone, etc.