Research in Progress - FAQs

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the TRB Research in Progress (RiP) Web-enabled database.

Q. Do I need a password or authorization to use the RiP website?
Q. How do I get a password and login to add my agency’s records?
Q. If I forgot my password what do I do?
Q. How do submit my agency’s research projects into RiP?
Q. In entering a RiP project record what fields are required?
Q. Is there a listing of the fields in the RiP Database and information on the database design?
Q. Where can I find instructions or help in entering records into RiP?
Q. Do I need to add index terms to the my agency’s project record?
Q. How soon after entering records into RiP are they searchable on the RiP website?
Q. What if project is funded by State DOT but the work is done by a UTC: which one enters and edits the record?
Q. How do I locate my agency's research project on the RiP website?
Q. How do I subscribe to an RSS feed from RiP?
Q. Why is the number of records for my organization different when I login from when I search for my organization in RiP?

If you have additional comments or questions on the RiP Database, contact Lisa Loyo.