Bond Performance Between Precast UHPC Substrates and Field Cast UHPC Connections

This research will investigate bond between hardened and freshly cast ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) and develop cohesion and friction coefficients which can be used with current AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications design capacity equations, unless the current equations prove to not fit well, in which case design capacity equations will be developed. Construction specifications will be written that Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) can use to ensure durable joints can be achieved. Variables investigated will include UHPC mix design (both proprietary and non-proprietary), concrete strength and age (of both the precast and field-cast UHPC), surface treatment, and pre-wetting procedures. Surface treatment methods investigated will include multiple depths of form-liners, multiple grades of paste retarders, and combinations of both techniques. Surface treatment methods which result in exposed steel fibers will be investigated. Methods for preventing exposed steel fibers from corroding between pre-casting and field-casting will also be investigated.