Demonstration of the Application of Travel Speed Deflectometer (TSD) Data in Developing Long-Range Corridor Planning and Management Strategies for Critical Transportation Corridors Within the Mississippi State Highway System

The objective of this work is to demonstrate the effectiveness and methods for MDOT to leverage the evaluation of traffic speed deflectometer (TSD) data generated as part of MDOT’s participation in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Pooled Fund Study TPF‐5(385). Under the FHWA TPF-5(385) study, approximately 200 lane miles of TSD data was collected in the fall of 2022, primarily on MS-16 and MS-19. The proposed evaluation will include combining the TSD data with layer thickness calculated from the onboard 3D GPR system to calculate pavement layer moduli, structural number, remaining pavement service interval, and recommended asphalt overlay thickness. This analyzed data will be used to assist MDOT in the selection, prioritization, and scheduling of projects and proposed treatments based on realistic current and projected roadway structure information. Additionally, this information will be incorporated into the newly revamped MDOT Pavement Management System (PMS). THE PMS will be used to develop several optimized funding strategies for evaluation and implementation.