Perform Tests on LTS and Fine-Grain Soils and Evaluate CSM Base Layer IDT Gradient

The proposed research leverages work being performed in the ongoing MDOT funded State Study (SS) No. 263, “Data Collection for Local Calibration of the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Performance Models for Mississippi,” by performing additional tests on Shelby tube samples of fine grain subgrade soils and cores of cementitious stabilized material (CSM) already being collected via SS No. 263. The C-Factor for fine grain soils will be used to convert subgrade soil backcalculated modulus values to equivalent laboratory derived resilient modulus values for input into Pavement ME when performing a rehabilitation design of an existing pavement constructed on fine grain subgrade soils. If the existing pavement also includes a lime treated subgrade layer then the appropriate C-Factor may be applied to the backcalculated modulus of that layer to provide a resilient modulus input value to Pavement ME for that layer.