Safety Performance and Design Considerations of Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUTs) in Mississippi

The main objectives of this research project are to evaluate the safety performance of unsignalized Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUTs) within the state of Mississippi to determine a CMF specific to the state, and to provide updated general design consideration and guidance to inform future RCUT-involved projects. The research will: (1) utilize MDOT-provided crash data from both pre-construction and post-construction periods for current RCUT locations within the state to determine a CMF specific to the state and (2) utilize MDOT-knowledge as well as best practices from surrounding states to develop a set of design guidance and criteria for consideration for future RCUT projects. The localized CMF and design considerations will provide valuable information to Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and are expected to be used as part of the safety management process, decision-making process, and the design phase. Having reliable CMFs (specific to the state of Mississippi) would allow MDOT to compare the potential safety impacts of RCUTS versus conventional intersections. Also, by using a design guideline updated based on the best practices identified from surrounding states (including North Carolina DOT with more than 150 RCUTs), guidance and criteria needed will be provide for implementation of future RCUTs to improve operations and reduce crashes in Mississippi.