Transportation Operations Center Operator Workload Mitigation Strategies

Transportation Operations Center (TOC) operators are responsible for monitoring roadways and dispatching/displaying traffic control. TOC operators must monitor several sources of data simultaneously while managing one or more active incidents. The purpose of this project is to investigate ways to manage operator workload through three approaches. First, data sources will be evaluated as to their value to operators, to ensure high-value data are included and low-value data may be potentially minimized or eliminated. Second, potential software solutions to fuse multiple data streams into a single, easily-monitored source will be identified. Third, operator staffing schedules, levels, and breaks will be evaluated to determine alternate approaches that can improve restfulness as well as employee retention. The output of this project will be the identification of data fusion software and recommendations for staff scheduling to improve operator focus and overall retention. Results may also be applicable to other positions within Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) that require 24/7 operations, such as Safety Service Patrols.