Silicon Valley Transportation Archival Resources

Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) and San Jose State University's (SJSU's) Institute for Metropolitan Studies (IMS) will support the creation of a new online resource portal for information about various pieces of local transit history. This will take the form of a new 'section' of the IMS website with unique pages for several different projects, all of which will also be linked to MTI's website. The initial projects to be featured are: (1) a historical and informational database about the Dumbarton Rail Bridge (including photos and meeting notes not published elsewhere); (2) an interactive story map featuring archival data on the homes purchased and displaced during the construction of the I-280/CA-87 interchange southwest of downtown San Jose; and (3) an interactive story map featuring data on mobile home parks in Silicon Valley. The underlying archival research, data collection, and analysis for each of the projects are funded separately and in the process of being completed; this project supports the creation of online homes for the data and findings as public-facing information resources. The funds support the work of five MUP graduate students and IMS director Gordon Douglas. IMS will also contribute hours and resources to the project.