Integrated Avalanche Detection Warning & Snow Distribution Mapping

The proposed research plan consists of multiple research objectives that include: (1) identifying minimum specifications for the hardware and location of infrasound sensors to detect avalanche activity along the Thane Road corridor; (2) determining the ideal placement of infrasound sensors to detect avalanche activity in the starting zones of Snowslide Creek, Middle Path, and Cross Bay Creek; (3) collaborating with subject matter experts to develop and implement an avalanche detection/warning system that can be used to alert officials of natural avalanches; (4) determining the size and location of natural avalanches using infrasound sensors; (5) conducting snow depth, avalanche size and distribution mapping using UAS with LiDAR and photogrammetry; (6) determining best available payloads to collect snow distribution data; (7) capturing and documenting avalanche occurrence spatially using UAS platforms to capture information during inclement weather; (8) developing standard operating procedures that can be shared with agency partners to showcase how emerging technologies can aid in avalanche hazard forecasting and decision making.