Idaho Statewide Truck Parking Availability, Use, And Need Study

This research project will address truck parking along Interstates, United States Highways and State Highways in Idaho. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance reports Idaho as highly rated for number of trucks parking illegally and among other states, Idaho is also rated high for the number of unofficial truck parking locations. The increased demand placed on the trucking industry for distribution of commodities along with Idaho’s economic dependence on the trucking industry is placing a great burden on the trucking industry. To improve safety and efficiency within Idaho’s truck transport network, drivers need access to adequate truck parking with in near real-time information regarding the location of available parking. State transportation planners are often reactionary in anticipating future investment needs, primarily given the available data on systems being historically limited on various highway segments throughout the state transportation network. Currently, ITD does not have a long-term plan that targets assisting the trucking industry in identifying either public (Rest Areas) or private (Truck Stops) for truck parking. Nor does ITD have a plan for increasing public and private parking spaces along Idaho’s highway network. The objectives of this project are as follows: (1) Enhance safety on Idaho’s highways by reducing accidents related to driver fatigue. (2) Identify the demand associated locations where additional truck parking is needed. (3) Examine how truck parking in urban areas can be achieved with technology allowing truck drivers to reserve parking prior to picking up or making deliveries to distribution centers, processing facilities, and manufacturing facilities. (4) Examine existing truck parking policy and make recommendation to change policy in order to increase the viability of truck parking in Idaho.