Repair of Bridge Deck Fascias

The deck fascia on bridges deteriorates more quickly than other portions of the bridge. This causes the fascia concrete to become debonded from the reinforcement and over time concrete can spall off the fascia. These spalled pieces of concrete can fall onto traffic lanes or pedestrian walkways posing a safety risk to the public. The current maintenance strategy has limitations. The current practice is not to patch these areas, overhead patches can spall off posing a safety risk, and there is not a method to anchor false decking in these area. Delaminated concrete can be removed to prevent debris from falling unexpectedly, but when reinforcement is left exposed it leads to increased degradation of the bridge deck fascia and traffic barrier. Over time continually scaling these areas can cause the traffic barrier to become undermined without any option for repair. These current methods lead to the need for continual scaling in these areas.