Evaluating and Validating Technology Options for Estimating Transit Vehicle Occupancy in Real Time

The primary goal of this project is to evaluate and validate various technologies for collecting transit vehicle occupancy information in real-time. The specific objectives include the following: (1) Identify a list of potential technology alternatives for transit vehicle occupancy estimation by scanning the academic literature, news, and technical reports, as well as interviewing transit practitioners. (2) Evaluate all potential technologies from a technical point of perspective (e.g., measurement accuracy, latency, reliability, level of automation, ease of implementation and use, and maintenance needs) involving both hardware and software, and a non-technical perspective (e.g., cost efficiency, privacy impact, and user acceptance). (3) Develop detailed documentation of promising technologies, covering technical capabilities, privacy, barriers to implementation, risks, cost, and possible vendors. (4) Conduct pilot studies and validate selected technologies in three representative transit systems in Florida. (5) Complete a technical report on selecting and implementing a vehicle occupancy estimation technology. (6) Develop and deliver a webinar to disseminate the project findings.