Electric Aviation Infrastructure Assessment

This study will examine the existing electrical capacity at two Washington airports. The two airports that WSDOT is proposing to study are Grant County International Airport and Snohomish County Paine Field. Grant County International was identified in the Washington State Electric Aircraft Feasibility Study as one of the Beta Test Airports and Paine Field is one of WSDOT’s Sustainable Aviation Partner Airports. The study will template the demand for electrical charging using three to five different use-cases, depending on the attributes of the airport and the surrounding community, to identify peak electrical demand. The study will obtain existing and planned electrical capability/capacity from utility providers, and determine the gap, if any. The study will capture electricity rates during days and hours to identify peak and off-peak rate variances. The study will identify options for onsite electricity storage (such as battery banks) and opportunities for on-site power generation (such as solar and wind). The study will provide a report that addresses each airport and its electrical power situation, opportunities, and recommends strategies to expand and improve electrical capacity at each site. The study will provide a framework of the process followed to develop solutions.