Mitigation Strategies for Cracking in Concrete Bridge Decks

One of the most important and common problems in state concrete infrastructures (specially in bridge decks) is cracking. Previous work with the University of Maine TIDC (Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center) and Maine DOT titled: Concrete Systems for a 100-Year Design Life, it has been found that following strategies can be used for reducing cracks in concrete decks: (1) Using Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures (2) Using Shrinkage Compensating (expansive) Admixtures (3) Limiting drying shrinkage. The 28-day drying shrinkage (ASTM C157/C157M 2017) should be kept below 300-350 με The study team tried to restrict drying shrinkage using shrinkage reducing and shrinkage compensating (expansive) admixtures. But other strategies need to be studied as well. In this project, the team will focus on the effects of better aggregate grading, fibers, and differential temperature on cracking, durability, mechanical, and transport properties of Class A concrete.