Reducing Shrinkage in Concrete Bridge Decks using Single and Double Ring Test Methods

The objectives of this project are as follows: (1) Evaluate the effects of single methods to mitigate shrinkage; (2) Quantify the beneficial effects of multiple methods to mitigate shrinkage; (3) Propose solutions for WYDOT using standard mix designs for two types of aggregates; (4) Provide guidance on the use of internal curing for concrete mix designs. As an example of maintenance costs, a single 6,000 ft² bridge deck can reach up to $250,000.00. This considers two rigid overlays and one epoxy overlay with a 10 percent class II-A and 5 percent class II-B repairs. These costs do not include the traffic control and safety mobilization that can add another $100,000.00 to this single hypothetical bridge deck. If overlays can be deferred or eliminated by reducing or eliminating early age shrinkage cracking, this could result in a significant savings for WYDOT.