Pavement Preservation Guide Update for SDDOT and Local Agencies

South Dakota Department of Transportation's (SDDOT’s) pavement preservation guidelines are 9 years old and loosely based on Illinois DOT guidelines. The document needs to be reviewed and updated. An updated guide would include the most recent techniques and materials available for pavement preservation. The guide should be a useful document to all individuals involved in pavement management and preservation, from lead workers to program managers. There is also a need for cost-benefit analysis that can be easily applied for decision making. The research objectives are to: (1) Review SDDOT’s and local agencies’ pavement preservation practices, including the SDDOT Pavement Preservation Guide, and identify opportunities for application of new materials and techniques. (2) Develop a basic cost/benefit technique to support decision-making at the county highway office level. (3) Create an updated Pavement Preservation Guide based upon the results of Objectives 1 and 2. (4) In concert with the updated Pavement Preservation Guide, develop an abridged version to be used as a field guide. (5) Recommend changes, if any, to existing pavement preservation training and outreach programs to SDDOT and local agencies in South Dakota.