Interstate 4 (I-4) Florida's Regional Advanced Mobility Elements

The project consists of two parts conducted in parallel. The objective of Part A is to provide stakeholder coordination support for evaluating the "before" conditions for the I-4 Florida's Regional Advanced Mobility Elements (FRAME) project. The research team will identify all relevant applications for I-4 FRAME along with the data to be collected for each application. These will consider a comprehensive performance measurement framework for the use cases identified. Part A of the research will also provide a comprehensive evaluation of the "before" conditions for the study area. The objective of Part B in the research project is to provide data management, sharing and stakeholder coordination support for implementation of the I-4 FRAME project. Part B results will help to assess impacts of the deployed technologies in the I-4 FRAME project and help in assessing expansion of safety and mobility applications to similar corridors statewide.