Geotechnical Database, Phase IV

The implementation of HoleBASE for district data was a successful outcome of the Phase III research. The use of HoleBASE is currently limited to shallow subgrade soil surveys and dynamic cone penetrometer data. Therefore, the Department’s deep soil boring and cone penetrometer (CPT) data have not yet benefitted from the implementation of HBSI during the previous phase of research. This proposed phase, Phase IV, will focus on updating Phase 1 to modern platforms that will stand the test of time, and allow, again, Geographic Information System (GIS) display of the data, addressing the connections issues related to previous phases and enhancements to move the database forward. With the recent acquisition of Keynetix by Bentley, OpenGround Cloud (which is the Cloud-based version of the HoleBASE software implemented in Phase III) will replace gINT. This project will research and connect data during this transition. Additionally, the implementation of the Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Specialists (DIGGS) is a goal of the Department. The project will research and assist Section 67 with the implementation of DIGGS to allow for the collection of geotechnical data from retainer consultants and other entities and agencies. The deep borings and CPTs represent the majority of geotechnical data consumed by the Department and would therefore benefit from a move to an all-in-one database/mapping/database management solution. It appears that the features of HBSI or a similar all-in-one solution would streamline many processes for the Pavements & Geotechnical section as well as the Materials Lab.