Development of a Cyclic Semi-Circular Bend Test to Evaluate Asphalt Mixture Crack Propagation Properties at Intermediate Temperature

The objectives of this study are to acquire and set up the digital image correlation system that is optimized for deformation and crack propagation measurements in asphalt concrete testing; and to develop a standard cyclic semi-circular bend (SCB) test method coupled with the digital image correlation (DIC) technique for identification of fatigue crack propagation properties of asphalt concrete. In order to achieve the objectives, three asphalt mixtures will be designed and used for sample preparation, which are expected to clearly exhibit different fatigue crack propagation resistance. The DIC system will be set up and optimized for displacement measurement and crack path identification with minimal noise interference. Various specimen thickness and notch depth are expected to be investigated to find an optimal dimension that yields reasonable results with the lowest test variability per material composition. The test data from the finalized specimen dimension and optimized DIC setup will be processed to obtain the crack propagation relationships and determine the fatigue lives of asphalt mixtures.