Implementation and Evaluation of an Automated Placard Reader System - Phase II

Automated placard reader systems (APRS) are commercially available camera-based computer vision systems that “read” hazardous material placards on passing trucks. This information, along with DOT and license plate identification may then be forwarded to critical facility operators to inform any preparations or responses that may be required. An initial phase of work found that available APRS technology is sufficiently advanced to warrant field testing and further refinement. This project will assess the performance of an APRS under real-world operating conditions. The system will be evaluated at two locations within the Salem District under a mix of controlled and real-world (uncontrolled) conditions. The study will document the installation and calibration of the APRS; the procedures for and results of a performance evaluation; the evaluation of the advance warnings to facility personnel; and recommendations regarding how these features can be used to ensure adequate performance of the system for future installations.