Evaluation of Performance and Life Cycle Cost of Asphalt (8/18 Specifications)

The objective of this research is to analyze and compare the performance of asphalt pavements constructed using specifications from the 2006 LA SSRB to pavements built under the 2016 LA SRB and its accompanying special provision 8/18. The project will evaluate the density, volumetric, and performance data for various pavement sections. A life cycle cost analysis will also be performed to determine if the specifications changes have resulted in an increased value. In order to sufficiently analyze the various aspects of the project, several different resources will need to be employed to obtain the data. The volumetric information for asphalt pavements that utilized the 2006 specification for construction will be obtained from the LADOTD laboratory engineers throughout the state. The performance data for these pavements will be obtained through the Pavement Management System (PMS) along with the Visiweb Roadway Program. The online PMS known as LaPave will be utilized to gather volumetric data for the roadways constructed per the 2016 specification and special provision 8/18. The long-term performance of these paved sections will have to be forecast based on current assessments performed by the PMS. Additionally, asphalt samples will be collected from various contractors in order to conduct volumetric and performance testing in a laboratory setting.