Development of a Highway Safety Outreach Program for K-12 Students in Idaho

This project seeks to work directly with Kindergarten through Grade 12 (K-12) students, school officials, and other stakeholders throughout the state of Idaho to develop a framework for outreach efforts regarding safety for all road users, but particularly young road users. The main objectives of this project include: (1) Reviewing and documenting best practices in public education and outreach traffic safety campaigns that focus on high school, middle school, and elementary school students. (2) Developing and pilot testing effective education and outreach activities directed at: a. high school students in Idaho with the primary objective of educating them on the dangers of unsafe driving practices (with the main objective of reducing distracted driving practices among teenage and novice drivers in Idaho); b. Elementary and middle school students with the primary objectives of educating them on safely sharing the road as bicyclists and pedestrians, and how they can be engaged as a bystander when they see someone in the vehicle practicing unsafe behaviors. (3) Developing education and outreach materials for use in Idaho schools. This project will build on current and previous outreach efforts by the University of Idaho and the Office of Highway Safety that have been developed and were focused on distracted driving and school safety awareness. The presentations, assessment tools, and lessons learned as part of these previous projects will serve as foundational references for the presentations and assessment tools that would be piloted through this project.