Integration of Ramp Metering, Variable Speed Limit, and Off-Ramp Progression

The primary objective of this project is to construct an integrated freeway control system that can effectively guide the potential users to timely activate key system components either concurrently or sequentially in contending with daily recurrent congestion in real-time operations. The system shall have the following key features: (1) Taking full advantages of state-of-the-art developments on freeway traffic controls, including dynamic coordinated ramp metering, variable speed limits, off-ramp signal progression, and on-line detection of congestion patterns; (2) Identifying missing links that prevent existing freeway control models from effective use in practice, and developing essential algorithms to integrate such models/strategies to function reliably under operational constraints; (3) Having a real-time congestion detection module; and (4) Offering a user-friendly advisory module to assist responsible agencies in selecting proper traffic control strategies and activating them in proper sequences in real-time operations.