Application of Dynamic Crash Prediction Methodologies to FDOT Safety and Transportation System Management and Operational (TSM&O) Programs

In 2016, the City of Fort Lauderdale expressed interest in using dynamic crash prediction software to better predict, plan for and respond to crashes and other traffic safety concerns within their city. Dynamic crash prediction is not currently used by the Department's TMCs or Safety programs and before the Department considers using dynamic crash prediction, the Department would like to conduct a research project that develops and documents the following objective: (1) The current state of practice for dynamic crash prediction methods and software. (2) The types of reports and information produced by these methods of software that can be used by safety engineers and TMC staff. (3) New standard operating guidelines or action plans for the TMC and local agencies that would be implemented when using dynamic crash prediction methods or software. (4) The estimated safety and mobility benefits from implementing the standard operating guidelines or action plans. (5) The resources and local partnerships needed to implement the SOGs or action plans, such as with local law enforcement and emergency responders. (6) A demonstration (pilot study) of dynamic crash predictions SOGs and action plans in District 4. (7) Recommendations for implementation in Florida.