Improved Surface/TFDM - Surface Tactical Flow

The Surface Tactical Flow (STF) program is developing trajectory-based surface operations in support of NextGen. It leverages the development efforts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Surface Management System (SMS) and provides guidelines for the development of a collaborative Surface Traffic Management (STM) system. The STM system will provide the tools necessary to achieve a fully collaborative surface environment where the input of airlines, airports and air traffic controllers are all used to provide a shared surface situational awareness. Shared awareness is required to safely expand the use of airport capacity by coordinating surface and airborne trajectory based operations. The STF program will support the Surface Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) sub-team of the CDM Stakeholder’s Group (CSG) to incorporate flight operator and airport authority stakeholder viewpoints for potential NAS-wide deployment of surface capabilities. NASA’s Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) is a 5 year research activity running from 2015-2020. ATD-2 will focus on the scheduling of departures within a metroplex terminal environment to create similar efficiencies for departing aircraft. A primary challenge for ATD-2 is to develop a departure metering solution that accommodates surface and airspace flow constraints while allowing aircraft to execute efficient flight profiles.