SPR-2253: Development of the Digital Design Environment ProjectWise™ – Phase 2

Phase 1 of this project resulted in the implementation of the cloud based ProjectWise Online from Bentley Systems Inc. that has delivered Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) a robust project and asset document management system capable of managing CTDOT’s Capital Road and Bridge Program. ProjectWise and associated Computer Aided Design (CAD) data developed in Phase 1 became the foundation for developing CTDOT’s geographic information system (GIS) for infrastructure management and development of Transportation Enterprise Data (TED). ProjectWise is anticipated to provide GIS functionality at CTDOT to the extent that project limits can be located geospatially on a "user friendly" state map interface. This is anticipated to allow managers and engineers to access project data "real-time" in the proper geospatial location, and be interoperable with future GIS applications at CTDOT. Phase 2 focuses on the development of Asset/Project Tracking and Location System (ATLAS) Geospatial and TED server infrastructure to begin showing project locations and other Department assets geospatially. ATLAS is a web interface, based on open source MapServer technology. The TED warehouse is intended to be a single source of CTDOT authoritative geospatial data. The objectives of this phase 2 of the project include expansion of TED to capture Maintenance Service Memo activities and Encroachment Permitting LRS network sections and geolocations; development of a security layer to allow wider functionality and access across CTDOT; customization of mobile data collection application, Mobile Asset Verification and Roadway Inventory Collection (MAVRIC), to meet the requirements of CTDOT for asset tracking; operation and maintenance of CTDOT’s Advanced Continuously Operating Reference Network (ACORN); and, web-based hosting.