Development of a 4.75mm (No. 4) NAMS Mixture

The objective of this research is to develop mix designs criteria for 4.75mm Nomial Maximum Aggregate Size (NMAS) mixtures in high and low traffic volume roads. Criteria targeted in the research will be gradation controls, volumetric property requirements (air voids, VMA, VFA, and dust-to-binder ratio) and mechanical tests. The mechanical tests include the Loaded Wheel Track (LWT) test, Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) test, Dynamic Modulus, and friction testing. Local aggregates and asphalt cements will be evaluated to determine the most economical mix. The primary aggregate types that will be examined are gravel and limestone because of their prevalence in Louisiana. Asphalt binder grades tested will follow Louisiana Standard Specifications which include, PG 64-22, PG 76-22, and PG 82-22crm.