SB-743: From LOS to VMT, VHT and Beyond Through Data Fusion: Application to Integrated Corridor Management

The objective of this research is to provide analysis tools to infer essential metrics in support of SB-743 from infrastructure data, fused with global positioning system (GPS) and cell tower data. California's State Senate Bill 743 (SB-743) suggests a process to change the analysis of transportation impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The main result from the proposed work will be an assessment of the usability of novel data types to support the objectives of SB-743, in particular the computation of vehicle miles of travel (VMT) and vehicle hours of travel (VHT) on the arterial network to enable corridor management. In addition, the work will propose a theoretical and algorithmic methodology to make use of whatever data is available on the corridors to provide "the best" computations of these metrics "based on available data." The project will produce open source code directly available to the research community and public agencies