Traffic Accident Surveillance and Analysis System (TASAS) and Injury Data Base Development

The main objective of this research is to develop methods that would facilitate data extraction and processing for both the coding portion as well as for populating the Traffic Accident Surveillance Analysis System (TASAS) database. Secondary objective of this study is to use some of the newly processed Traffic Collision Reports (TCRs) to add to the existing California work zone injury database for potential evaluation of mitigation methods. A pilot study will be designed to test and debug the methods and systems developed. Both electronic and scanned pdf files of TCRs will be tested in the pilot study. Researchers at AHMCT (Advanced Highway Maintenance & Construction Technology) Research Center at University of California, Davis will integrate the algorithms and open source software system developed into a system that can be used as part of TASAS data coding and processing system to complement the work of coders and other personnel.