Testing MS Sedco INTERSECTOR Radar Detectors for Car/Bike Differentiation

The California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21450.5, effective January 1, 2008, states that bicycles must be detected at new or modified traffic actuated signals, or else the traffic signal must be set to vehicle recall for all phases without bicycle detection. The Traffic Operations Policy Directive 09-06 and subsequent implementation memo mandate that bicycles must be detected and given extra initial green time if present, or else the traffic signal must be set to always give an initial green time sufficient for bicycle passage. Therefore, the California Department of Transportation's (Caltrans’) Division of Traffic Operations is searching for technology capable of detecting both vehicles and bicycles as well as distinguishing between them. Caltrans currently uses inductive loop detectors almost exclusively, but they cannot distinguish between bicycles and vehicles. Using an off-pavement detection technology such as radar that can distinguish between them would allow Caltrans to only give additional initial green time to bicycles when detected. Use of off-pavement detection technology would also help to responsibly manage California’s transportation assets through preservation of funding and environmental resources. The lifetime cost of radar detection, including procurement, installation and maintenance, is less than that of loop detectors. Pavement integrity would be preserved by eliminating loop cutting, which would reduce the need for congestion-causing lane closures during detector installation and maintenance.