Technical Support for Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment "One California Deployment Support"

Caltrans leadership in partnership with Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has decided to deploy the Connected Vehicle Pilots in the State of California. This task provides technical support to the pilot deployments from both academic institutions and private sector companies. California Department of Transportations' (Caltrans') academic partners are University of Californian (UC) Berkeley's Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (CA PATH) and UC Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT). Both CA PATH and CE-CERT have worked with Caltrans for more than 25 years, performing technical research in connected vehicle (CV) related areas, including the implementation and operation of the California CV Test Bed, development and testing of the Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System (MMITSS) and Applications for the Environment: Real-Time Information Synthesis (AERIS) applications, and the development and testing of smartphone based CV applications under the Connected Traveler Project as part of the United Stated Department of Transportation's (USDOT's) SafeTrip -21 initiative. The following tasks will be completed under this project: MMITSS Intelligent Traffic Signal Control Section Level Priority Control: Intelligent Priority for Heavy Vehicles Develop MMITSS Performance Measures Prepare California CV Test-Bed for Field Testing Field Integration and Operational Testing in the California CV Test-Bed Development of Test Plan for System Test Conduct Field Operational Test of CV Applications at California CV Test-Bed Technical Assistance to California CV Deployment Connected Vehicle Eco-Driving applications The Team has also selected private consultants to support and deliver the 13 Phase 1 tasks. The Phase 1 consultant group is led by Iteris, Inc. and includes Leidos, Parsons Brinkerhoff and System Metrics Group.