PPRC14 SPE 4.52a: Microcracking for Cement Stabilized Layers: Phase 1 Lab Testing & Modeling

This task develops guidelines for microcracking of cement stabilized layers to limit/prevent shrinkage cracking. The goal is to better understand the microcracking mechanism, and to identify key factors influencing the performance of cement layers. In response to the research needs, this task will focus on the development of design and construction procedures/specifications for microcracking/ precracking of both new and in-place recycled cement stabilized layers, in order to limit the impacts of shrinkage related cracking. The specific task objectives of this project are: (1) conducting literature review; (2) preliminary laboratory testing to understand the microcracking mechanism and identify criteria for modelling the effects of microcracking on long-term pavement performance; (3) monitoring of pilot projects (California Department of Transportation [Caltrans] and county roads); (4) modelling of the effects of microcracking on long-term pavement performance; and (5) providing a summary report with recommendations for Phase 2 testing if appropriate.