PPRC14 SPE 3.36: Update Project Level Asphalt Surface Design

This research focuses on updating project level flexible pavement design processes and integrating them with pavement management processes. With this approach, the Mechanistic-Empirical (ME) design process can be continuously improved as more projects are designed following the ME method. An iterative approach will be taken to develop this process. Specifically, the new process will go through several cycles of being developed/revised, implemented, and reviewed. As part of the review process, the data collected during the process will be used to update current performance models or develop new performance models where necessary. The specific task objectives of this project are to: (1) develop user and system functional requirements; (2) design and implementation of new system architecture; (3) design and implementation of an ME compute engine; (4) design and implementation of a web-based user interface (UI); (5) perform system integration of CalME v3.0; (6) perform testing; (7) provide user support for CalME v2.0; and (8) develop user and system documentation.