Trip-Generation Rates for Smart Growth Land Use Projects

The goal of the project is to produce a validated and improved estimation method and tools to more accurately estimate trip generation for use in determining proper traffic impact assessments and transportation improvements for smart growth developments in California. Estimating trip generation is the first step in conducting transportation impact analyses/studies typically required by local jurisdictions for environmental review and local development approval processes of proposed land use development projects. There is currently no acceptable method available in the U.S. for estimating trip-generation regarding proposed urban infill, mixed-use, transit-oriented development, or other "smart growth" land use projects. This Task will provide acceptable count and related data for at least 50 smart growth land uses in California using the data collection method that used in a previous research. This task will then use the additional data to further evaluate, recalibrate, and finally validate a new Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) trip rates adjustment method. This research will provide documentation, a user guide, as well as training and technical assistance regarding the appropriate use of this new method to practitioners throughout California.