Field Test of Variable Speed Advisory (VSA) for Freeway Traffic Control

The objective of this project is to do a field test of Variable Speed Advisory (VSA) on SR78 in California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 11 in San Diego. If the field test results are favorable, this could provide the basis for future widespread adoption of VSA control strategies to improve mobility and safety and reduce energy and emissions impacts of freeway congestion. The main tasks of the project will involve: (1) microscopic simulation of the algorithm for the corridor for parameter selection; (2) real-time traffic data retrieving and processing to generate required traffic state parameters; (3) ConOps development and iterative refinement; (4) VSA system development, implementation and integration; (5) project outreach to the public drivers; (6) progressive field test; and (7) performance evaluation. The test site was selected as SR 78 between Interstate 5 and Interstate 15 in District 11. Caltrans District 11 Traffic Operation Division has agreed to support the test.