Wireless PTZ Camera Systems

This project will develop 3 wireless PTZ video camera systems: One will be a high fidelity camera attached to a 10m pneumatic pole that can be mounted to a pickup or temporarily mounted to a portable base station. They communicate locally via Wifi or remotely across the 3/4g cellular network accessible from anywhere. These cameras are applicable for TMT trucks, work zone monitoring, and special studies. The second high fidelity PTZ camera system is a version of the above optimized for mounting to existing street light poles, requiring no additional wiring or ancillary infrastructure. The third wireless PTZ system is optimized for very low cost. It is best used for validating detection stations where there is not space to safely set up pickup mounted cameras. This camera and 10m pole weigh less than 2 pounds combined, so they are easy to set up in constrained environments, yet produce higher fidelity than most existing Caltrans cameras.