Performance of Warm Asphalt and Low Energy Mixes

Pavement innovations,such as Warm Asphalt and Low Energy mixes must improve performance of the network as well as support environmental concerns including (i) Governor's Executive Order S-3-05 (climate change emission reduction targets for the State), (ii) Assembly Bill 32 (California Global Warming Act of 2006, requiring the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020), and Executive Order S-17-06 (directs State Agencies to implement AB 32 and the recommendations by Climate Action Team-Caltrans is a member). Research must show performance of these mixes under heavy loads and suitability to meet environmental commitments. Research needs to focus on whether target density can be achieved at lower temperatures in these mixes, optimum temperature range for compaction, construction productivity, if the construction season can be extended using these mixes, effects of longer haul distances, differences between different products/processes,effects on asphalt plant emissions and energy savings, changes needs to design,production, and construction and which projects are most suitable for these mixes.