Continued Monitoring of LA710 Phase I Rehabilitation

A recent example of a pavement design using structures, materials and construction specifications developed as part of the research performed by the University of California (UC) Contract Team for the Department is Phase I of long-life rehabilitation of LA-710 in Long Beach. A mechanistic-empirical design approach was used for this project as part of an earlier PPRC project. The Partnered Pavement Research Center (PPRC) will complete the monitoring and documentation of the first 5 years of performance of the innovative designs used on this project. This includes testing for deflection, ride quality and tire/pavement noise. It is anticipated that the final pavement performance evaluation will take place in Fall 2008 with a final report submitted soon after to Caltrans as a permanent record for the project. This report will include the mix and pavement design results, construction information, and a summary and evaluation of the periodic performance measurements as well as tests performed on cores and slabs taken from the as-constructed pavement. These results will be used by the Department as the basis for further implementation of the mechanistic-empirical design method used on this project, and provide valuable calibration data for the design procedure which will result in improved future designs. These results also provide validation for the innovative construction technique used on this project (55 hour weekend closures).