Rural Transit Livability Performance Measures Study

This project will define national rural transit livability performance measures that could be calculated on an annual basis to track trends and progress. The study will identify and evaluate performance measures for how well transit contributes to the livability of rural communities. The measures must be designed to allow the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to gauge the effectiveness of federal transit livability efforts. Additionally, they must be applicable and measurable from a national perspective and compatible with regional and local planning efforts. The metrics must not require a large, ongoing funding commitment for collecting data. Measures of how well transit systems meet the needs of people in the communities they serve are required for evaluating the success of livability enhancement programs and for identifying where these programs are needed. Beyond this, the process of defining quantitative measures of abstract concepts like livability contributes to better understanding of policy objectives and builds a common vocabulary by which they can be discussed. Communities will benefit from applying performance measures of livability to their transportation and land-use planning, and transit agencies will benefit from explication of how they contribute to enhanced livability.