Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Signs

Speeding is a major increasing contributing factor in all traffic crashes including local and collector highways. This factor, in addition to restrictive law enforcement agencies' budgets and staff, poses an ever present need for effective, low-cost, speed mitigation measures. Studies have determined that Dynamic Speed Signs (DSS), when used in relation to roadway work zones, can reduce the traveled speed of vehicles. DSS display the approaching vehicle's speed to the driver in addition to the posted speed limit. This study will evaluate the effectiveness, both short-term and long-term, of DSS as a speed reduction measure for local and collector roadways. Different configurations and messages will be examined to determine the most effective DSS. The study will be conducted through the use of a driving simulator obtained through a National Science Foundation grant by the Principal Investigator. The results of this study will provide concepts that can be utilized in the development of Variable Speed Signs for interstates and highways during recurring or nonrecurring congestion in order to limit queuing and poor levels of service.