Kent State University's Sustainable Transportation Initiative

Kent State University (KSU) is the third largest in the state of Ohio with a population that equals that of the city of Kent in which it resides and as a result is the major traffic generator in Kent. In an effort to improve transportation mobility, KSU will launch a sustainable transportation initiative. This project will examine methods of reducing traffic congestion in and around campus, enhancing transportation connections between the campus and the broader community, and increasing the proportion of non-vehicular movement across campus. Traffic count data around KSU, parking lot data, records of public transportation system usage, non-vehicular data, and safety data will be gathered and analyzed to determine the areas of heavy automotive and non-automotive traffic. Surveys and focus groups will be employed in order to gain information to better understand why people use non-automotive transportation and to identify some of the barriers to using that transportation. An interactive map of the campus and surrounding areas as well as a website that will highlight the potential for engaging in non-automotive transportation across campus will be created. This research will result in a better understanding of some of the barriers to non-automotive transportation, a sense of how to achieve a better modal mix across campus, and tools to establish a master transportation plan for KSU, in collaboration with the City of Kent.