A Proof-of-Concept and Demonstration of a High Definition, Digital Video Surveillance and Wireless Transmission System for Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

In this applied research project, the authors plan to conduct a proof-of-concept and demonstration of a high definition (HD), digital video surveillance and wireless transmission system for traffic monitoring and analysis, enabled by rapidly deployable, RF directional wireless links. This system will also provide improved capabilities to emergency responders. The demonstration will consist of HD cameras networked through a 4-node directional wireless network on the University of Maryland campus, and will include the development of real-time "event" detection algorithms specially tailored to our unique combination of HD image capture, wireless transport, and real-time processing. This project will lead to a greater understanding of video technology and image analysis requirements for HD traffic analysis with rapidly deployable advanced wireless systems. It will further allow analysis of gaps between current practice and capability vis-à-vis our HD, high capacity, and deployable wireless image transport system